DHARMARAT remixed Hxrman’s @PIECE and we in love

Dharmarat (VSB, Pukekohe) just dropped a remix of HXRMANS 2017 single @PIECE, and its fucking crazy.

“i am the deadbeat dad
of all these rappers that i ain’t met yet”

check it out right here

AWAKINO out now+Video Premier on FXRBES

Hxrman has finally released his first lead up single for STILL BLAZED Produced by seattle boy Lodi Banks, and a brand new video premier on FXRBES

STILL BLAZED is now available for iTunes pre-order too! so make sure you cop that to get all the singles as soon as they drop!

STREAM AWAKINO RIGHT HERE (pick ur platform)





072A6171.jpgWhen they’re not too busy ripping a cone or melting into the couch, K4M3 and HXRMAN are becoming an important part of New Zealand’s ever evolving new wave.

To kick off the week, teaming up with auckland producer SOFE, HXRMAN blessed us with a brand new 4 track EP, entitled “UNMIXED UNMASTERED BY KENDRICK LAMAR EP”

K4M3 followed it up with his own Masterpiece

“UNDERDOG EP” dropped on the 13th of this month, and it is 7 tracks of pure bliss, K4M3 is quickly making a name for himself as a kiwi RnB’er to keep your eyes on.

stream UNDERDOG, with production from FUJIN, Papi Mandarin, LiLPENIS and K4M3 himself, On soundcloud right now



RICH JAMES drops new single “DRIVE” in time for valentines day <3

Rich James delivers a dose of sad distorted melodies over crushing 808’s on Drive, with local Auckland artist Nico joining him on the hook. Released on February 14th in time for Valentines Day, Rich offers us an insight into loneliness and disconnect – a constant theme within his music – while digging deep into his feelings on past relationships with various people.

“Nights in the city I wish you were with me
This is your letter I hope that you’re listening
I’m sitting pretty, we did it, we did it
SF on everything, nights in the city”


stream it here